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Design your deck for skateboarding.

A deck to tackle the coolest spots. All our decks are produced by renowned factories including PS Stix, HLC, and Clutch. Choose a (kids) complete skateboard, our standard 8.25" pro decks via our 'quick selection', or find your perfect shape and size in our 'extended selection'.



Design your deck as a work of art.

Are you looking for a Custom Deck as art for your wall or to give as wall decoration? Then you are at the right place in our 'art department'. Choose a single piece deck, a triptych, or a five-part, and finish the look of your living room with your Custom Deck artwork!




Approved by Douwe Macaré

We master the craft to perfection!

At Custom Decks, everything revolves around your skateboarding experience, with core values such as rewarding effort and progress at your pace. We continually strive to find the perfect deck, listen to your feedback, and innovate with respect for the classic skateboarding culture.

Some of our latest productions.

No graphic? No problem!

Choose from our selection of artworks, find your perfect shape, and create your Custom Deck!

From "The Art of Skateboarding" collection to "Custom Decks essentials" to various (future) collaborations with skate communities, artists, and creators, we have a beautiful collection of graphics to choose from!



The Art of Skateboarding

Custom Decks proudly unveils The Art of Skateboarding: Douwe, our skate team manager, has brought this collection to life with his passion for art. A brilliant collection that playfully merges both worlds with a nod to the Dutch masters and skateboard culture.

Custom Decks Essentials

Prefer simplicity? Then choose one of our basic prints from the Custom Decks Essentials collection! As a finishing touch, choose the color of the wood where the graphic will be printed!



We support skaters of all levels.

At Custom Decks, it's all about your skateboarding experience, with core values like rewarding effort and progress at your own pace. We constantly strive to find the perfect deck, listen to your feedback, and continue to innovate while respecting the classic skateboarding culture. Our mission is to build an interactive skateboarding community with you and elevate modern skateboarding to new heights.


The best decks.

At Custom Decks, we strive to offer our customers the very best, starting with the foundation: our range of skateboard decks. We take pride in our collaborations with various leading factories, each with their own expertise, craftsmanship, and features. Thanks to these partnerships, we can offer a wide range of top-quality decks suitable for every discipline of skateboarding.

We support your growth.

Join the weekly Trick Challenges at Custom Decks! Every week, pro skater Douwe Macare performs a new trick. It's then up to you to replicate this trick.

Challenge yourself, set new goals, and celebrate every improvement. With every ollie, flip, and grind, we cheer you on in your journey to skateboarding perfection. Show us what you've got and grow with us!


The Custom Decks skate team.

We are in the process of creating our own Custom Decks skate team, and believe us, we have big plans. Are you ready to join Team Custom Decks?

Douwe Macaré

We are extremely excited to have Douwe Macaré on board for the construction of the Custom Decks Skate Team, and we are gearing up for a journey filled with incredible memories and amazing collaborations.

Custom Decks' Future Plans

We are teaming up with Douwe to create something amazing. Details remain a secret for now, but be the first to know by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

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Discover why Custom Decks is the destination for your unique skateboards. Dive into the stories of fellow skaters in 'Why People Love Custom Decks'. Here you'll find real reviews and experiences, because we believe in the power of community and sharing. Join our passionate skateboard family today!


Excellent customer service, quick contact, they think along with you. And of course, beautiful quality boards. I'm very happy with my first one and will definitely order more soon!

- Nadie van Wijk


Without a doubt, five stars. Highly recommended to everyone!! Beautiful products, good prices, and even better customer service. I would recommend everyone to have a custom deck made here!

- Maiko Horst


Standard board beautifully printed, top quality! There was a little issue with the finishing, but CustomDecks offered help and adjustments throughout the whole process. Definitely recommended if you want to have a deck made!

- Alex


Super helpful and fast customer service! Extremely quick when you need an express service! I ordered on Wednesday and received the custom deck on Friday! The deck looks fantastic! I'll definitely order again!

- Philipp Marquardt

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