A new concept

Personalize every detail of your ride.
Handpick your preferred woodshop,
select your preferred shape and size,
and embrace the pure artistry of our illustrations.

printed and shipped within 48 hours




Pure craftmanship

At Custom Decks, we are revolutionizing the industry step by step by delivering unparalleled quality1 and craftsmanship that rivals the most renowned brands out there.

We fuse the finest skateboard decks crafted from top-tier materials, utilize cutting-edge printing techniques, and collaborate with local illustrators who bring art to life.

Order and open your first package and experience that we are serious.

With Custom Decks, your skateboard becomes a reflection of your unique style and character.

Join our journey to discover the future of modern skateboarding.

Our decks come from the same woodshops as the brands you are already familiar with (e.g. Baker, Thank You, Plan B, Flip, Fucking Awesome, etc …)



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