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Our decks are made with 7-layer maple wood in combination with the latest glue technologies. Our supplier has been guaranteeing high-quality decks for years. Major brands also use this supplier. The decks can of course also be ordered blank, so without graphics. Our parts are also of good quality, and are affordable because they are unbranded. Click here for blank decks & accessories.


How is it possible that we offer our parts so cheaply?

Our trucks, wheels etc. are a lot cheaper compared to other skate shops. This is possible because we purchase our products directly from the factory, and because there is no brand on the products. They are 'blank parts'. The products come from the same factories where the market leaders get their products from, so they guarantee the best quality despite the price!


We have developed our own method for applying graphics. The objective of this was to offer customized decks for an affordable price from runs of 1 piece. With the original heat transfer method, the start-up costs are too high for this. This is the reason that we have developed our own vinyl transfer method. with this method it remains affordable, but you get a great result. For larger orders, we use the heat transfer method in consultation with the customer (click for more info). Graphics can be finished matte, glossy and transparent. We see the designs piece by piece as works of art, which is why the sustainability of the graphic is our priority. After long testing and development, we have come to a wonderful end product. By using high-quality vinyl transfers *, the graphic remains visible a lot longer than in the usual production process.

* Avoid rough surfaces to slide and obstacles that are not intended to skate to keep the graphic beautiful for as long as possible.


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